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What Does This Book Teach?
"Creative Sourcing for Booksellers" shows you new and creative ways to find inventory, including books, CDs, VHS, and other media,- that you can sell online or in your store. This book will show you not only new places to buy books and media, but also abundant sources of Free Inventory.
How Is This Book Different?
"Creative Sourcing for Booksellers" is the first and only book of its kind. This book is designed to increase your bookselling profits by showing you both the methods and the places the pros use to find inventory!
How Will This book Greatly Improve Your Profits?
The wealth of information in the "Creative Sourcing for Booksellers"  will improve your sales dramatically, by showing you where to find the best books for the best prices.
This Book is like having Your Own Special
Book Business Genie In A Bottle!
After you start studying this book you are going to FINALLY find yourself saying…
aah haa!” “so that’s how it works!”

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Would you like to learn dozens of little-known principles and techniques of inventory sourcing?
If you said YES, This Book will Open A Whole New World for you.
It will teach you secrets known only to the online book selling veterans and online business owners who will never have to work another day in their lives. It will teach you What to do and How to do it.
This Book will help you Make More Money.
And it doesn’t matter if you sell on Amazon, eBay or your own online store. Because this book will teach you How to find the books that are in demand to make more sales and serious profits.
Hi! My name is Frank Aaron Florence, and I’m ready to be the bookseller’s coach that helps you retire early.
10 years ago, I was a struggling bookseller. It seemed like there were a few booksellers that were making a killing and swarms of small once who were barely turning a profit. I thought I needed thousands of dollars to pay for ads and inventory in order to make it to the top. Man, was I wrong...
Here’s What I Learned
Top booksellers were able to get their inventory (and most of their advertising) For Free! The only thing separating my struggling amazon bookstore from the ones bringing in 20k a month was, what I call,  “Industry Know-How”.
To make a killing in bookselling online you need to understand things like book sourcing and low-cost (but extremely effective) advertising better than the rest of the pack.
It was time to put this knowledge to work.
4 years later, I became one of the most successful bookseller in the country.  And now, I am a respected member of the ABA (The American Booksellers Association).
I discovered and used every trick there was on finding Free inventory. I had more things to sell and my sales went up. But the real success didn’t come until I learned how to Advertise For Free!
This Book will show you Everything You Need to turn your side project Amazon bookstore into your Nest Egg.
Here's what you will learn:
Many Secret Sources for Free Inventory… sources that have taken the author many years to discover.
How to Find Book Sales that your competition won’t know about.
Inexpensive (or even Free) Ways to Advertise Your Business
Efficient Ways to Source Books All Over The Country, not just in your local geographical area. Your supply of books will be endless. Your business will be able to grow as large as you desire.
Well-kept Secrets, and Specific Techniques to partner with universities to get lucrative textbooks.
The Best Ways to Buy Inventory From The Public. This method alone has made many thousands of dollars for my students.
How to Greatly Maximize The Sources you already know about.
How to Buy Huge Amounts of Inventory Online – right from the comfort of your home. No more fighting over inventory at those huge book sales. No more traveling to book sales. You will wind up with a much better business, as well as so much more free time.

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Jordan B. Malik
“On the surface, bookselling seems to be getting saturated with sellers. If you sell books, how many times have you seen a line at the local library sale, snaking around the building, and everyone has their scanner pulled out? Forget ’em. This book is your key to going deep and infiltrating sources of books that your competition probably didn’t know exists. Hence the price point – if the book was priced any lower, the masses would buy it and that would nuke the competitive edge you gain by owning it. Don’t pass this up.”
Cynthia Stine
"In my business I'm often asked "is it hard to find inventory to sell on" With Frank's book in hand it is easy to say "absolutely not!" I find good quality books to sell online every week. I've read both the old and the new revised version of this book and I highly recommend it to those who sell books or who want to sell books online. Frank has a lot of creative ideas as to where to find quality books and I've used many of them in my Amazon FBA business to good results. While some of his sources are straight-forward, there were quite a few that made me say "oh yeah! what a great idea!" He's really thought it through. Buy this book and you'll quickly find more books than you can possibly buy."
D. Wayne Thompson
"Having read the earlier version of this book and his FBA book I can say Frank has become a great resource for me to find new ways to build my inventory. He always seems to come up with ideas that I have never thought about. My business is growing and I have to credit Frank with at least part of my success. Highly recommend!"
George Nieves
“After reading Frank's book, all I can say is WOW! This is an incredible resource...a comprehensive guide to book scouting. If you thought this niche was over-saturated, and there was no longer any money to be made in selling books online, then you really need to do yourself a favor & buy this book.
Frank offers tons of mind-blowing techniques to source books. This book will get your creative juices flowing & open up a world of possibilities for you. Anyone who reads this book will set themselves up for being considered a major player in the industry. I can't say enough or do this book enough justice. It receives my highest recommendations! BRAVO FRANK!”
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